COVID-19 Lockdown Tips for Productivity

So South Africa officially begins lockdown tonight 23:59, 26 March 2020. If you are used to working from home, you are used to ensuring that you get work done. Not used to it? Here are some tips which made my first startup period, working from home bearable.

  • Get dressed
    • This sounds simple, but getting dressed helps me get in the zone for “work” and helps be not want to “lounge” around.
  • Schedule time for work
    • You may think you have all day, but trust me, time moves fast/slow when you are working from home. Also, the sudden urge to eat, clean and do everything but work is high, so schedule time to work and keep to the structure
  • Diarise working out
    • You may not think that this will happen daily, and it may not, but when you are going through your notes, diary, calendar etc. it’s a gentle nudge to keep moving
  • Review tasks in the morning
    • This will ensure you don’t end up with a situation

There are many tips, like limiting social media, not watching movies in the background etc. that are super helpful. I find tat blocking chucks rather than trying to do a task over a longer period helps me feel productive. Multi-tasking is a myth folks. Yes, we are able to speak, type and listen with one ear, but are we giving each task/person the attention they deserve, probably not.

Good luck, keep safe, stay sane and remember, call a friend, Skype someone, ask when in doubt. Technology is our saving grace during this period of uncertainty. Use it.

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